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Sebago Fiber Selected as Preferred ISP by GPCOG COLAB Committee

Sebago Fiber is pleased to announce that the Greater Portland Council of Government (GPCOG) COLAB Committee has selected Sebago Fiber as the preferred ISP for the towns of Sebago, Raymond, Standish, Casco, and Naples. The committee, made up of representatives from each of these towns, began an RFP process to select a provider to improve internet access in the Sebago Lake region of Maine.

After extensive interviews and discussions, GPCOG selected Sebago Fiber to meet this need. We will begin working with GPCOG by meeting with the Board of Selectmen or Town Council in each town to discuss the project and seek support.

Sebago Fiber, working with the Town of Sebago Broadband Committee, has also submitted an application for a grant from Maine Connectivity Authority to provide universal coverage to the town of Sebago, as well as adjoining areas of Hiram and North Baldwin that are unserved by other internet providers.

Residents and businesses in these communities should complete our Demand Survey to assist in prioritization of service.

Proposed Service Area. Green indicates the grant area, blue indicates other non-grant service areas.

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