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How to Get TV & Phone Service?

There are many options for getting TV services outside of traditional cable TV. Read on to see what your options are.

To replace traditional cable, you'll need to subscribe to one or more online video or streaming services. These can inlcude "on demand" services (Netflix, Amazon, etc) or Live TV channels (YouTube TV, Sling TV, etc). Some services are even free (Pluto TV, Tubi).

To use these services you'll need a smart tv or a device like a Roku or Fire TV stick that play your content on any modern TV.

You can also purchase an antenna to get some local TV channels.

An image illustrating how to get streaming services using Wifi, a smart TV or TV plus streaming device, and a streaming service

What do I need to get TV without cable?

What services are most like the traditional cable that I'm used to?

There are several services that bundle typical TV channels and provide a similar viewing experience to cable.


You can even get a cloud-based DVR service to record your shows!


This Matchmaker tool helps you to select the service that best matches your needs. We like YouTube TV and find it to be very reliable, but there are many options available.

Will I lose the ability to have DVR services? I want to record my shows!

Nope, you will NOT lose DVR services if you choose a streaming provider who provides this option. This article from Tech Hive explains the options available for you.

What about my telephone service?

You CAN get phone service. We'll be providing information soon on possible services from Sebago Fiber. but there are many Voice-Over-IP services available. We recommend Ooma, which is a very reliable & economical solution.

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