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Frye Island Service

Sebago Fiber covers 100% of Frye Island with reliable, high speed internet and local support technicians who live on Frye. A wifi router is included with all plans at no additional cost.

Annual Plans

Island Essentials

75 mbps / 75 mbps

$ 75/mo

Island Standard

110 mbps / 110 mbps


Island Premium

250 mbps / 250 mbps

$ 155/mo


Island installation is $679 ($599 installation + $80 UPS device). Customers choose to pay this one-time fee up front with no contract, or choose a 2 year contract and pay over time ($25/mo added to monthly plan rate). If you choose the $0 install fee, you will be charged $80 for the UPS device on your first monthly bill).

A UPS device is required for all island installations due to regular power fluctuations on the island.

A $100 deposit is charged for island customers upon signing up for service. This fee is applied to your last month's bill.

What's Included?

Free WiFi Router

Residential customers receive a mesh-capable wifi router. This device is maintained by Sebago Fiber to ensure the best service and connectivity for customers. 

Local Support

Email and phone support is provided by local technicians who live on the island, ready to assist you when you need it.


Fiber service is extremely reliable and low maintenance. Fiber is not impacted by rain/weather, and your speed is not affected by your location on the island.

Sebago Fiber uses battery backup and redundant power for all our island infrastructure, ensuring your service works even during normal power fluctuations on Frye Island. 

Our technicians are local, so in the event of weather damage or other issues, we can correct issues quickly without waiting for support from the mainland.

Year-Round Service

All Island Plans are annual plans. We do not offer seasonal or monthly service as this results in high installation and support costs for customers.


Annual plans ensure service is on and ready, anytime you're here. In the off-season you can remotely monitor your home via your own webcam, alarm, or smart home devices

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