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Why Fiber?

Fiber Internet is the fastest, most reliable internet service available.


What Can You Do With Fiber Internet? Fiber has significantly higher upload speeds and lower latency than cable/DSL so you can:

* Work from home. Your online meetings won't freeze or glitch. 


*Game as much as you want without lag - even with multiple players in the same house!


*Create and stream content without issues with available 1G or 2G upload speeds


*Stream videos without delays, even with multiple devices


Own a rental property? Fiber internet adds value to renters who need to work remotely, and allows large families to game or stream videos on rainy days.



How is this different from Cable or DSL internet?

Reliability. Unlike other internet services, we use fiber all the way to your home or business, providing the most reliable internet service available. Our service is not impacted by minor power fluctuations, and speeds remain consistent. What does this mean for you? You get fast internet for smooth content streaming and clear, consistent Zoom calls.


Speed. Choose from plans starting at 75mbps, with matching download and upload speeds for smooth streaming services on multiple devices. If you rely on fast internet to run your business, or you enjoy serious online gaming, we provide speeds of up to 2G/2G. Other services offer some high speed download speeds, but the upload speed is minimal, meaning that your video calls freeze and bandwith is often depleted.

First Class Customer Service. Your time is valuable. Don't waste time waiting on hold for hours or driving to a service center. Sign up for service or pay your bill in minutes from our website. Our team is available for fast response via email to answer your questions. If we can't solve your problem over email, we'll schedule a convenient time to call or visit to get you up and running.


Transparent Pricing. We publish our plans and pricing right here online. There are no hidden fees and no introductory rates that increase unexpectedly. You'll always know what you're getting and what you're paying for.

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