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Sebago Lake Region Fiber Internet Connectivity

Sebago Fiber is coming to the Town of Sebago!

We are investing in the local community and, with the help of a grant from Maine Connectivity Authority, will be bringing fast, reliable fiber internet to homes and businesses in 5 towns!

If you've already filled out the survey and live in these areas, we will be in touch with you soon! 

Grant Service Area

Grant Area:

Town of Sebago and adjoining areas of Hiram, Baldwin, Bridgton & Naples

Click Here to view an interactive map to confirm your home or business is included in the grant area.

Sebago Fiber Service Area

Sebago Lake Area: Casco, Naples, Raymond, Standish, Windham

Lighthouse in Maine

Help bring fiber internet to your street! Take the survey today.

As the recommended internet service provider (ISP) for the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) COLAB initiative, we are evaluating expansion to the following communities around Sebago Lake: Casco, Raymond, Naples, & Standish.

How can you help bring fiber internet to your community? 

Take the Home or Business Demand Survey to let us know how you feel about your current service and if you are interested in service from Sebago Fiber.

Map of Sebago Fiber coverage area including the grant coverage area of Sebago with portions of Baldwin, Hiram, and Naples. Future coverage areas are Raymond, Casco, Naples, and Standish.

Coverage Areas

Town of Sebago and adjoining areas of Hiram, Baldwin & Naples. Grant Area - Universal Coverage will be available

The towns of Naples, Casco, Raymond, & Standish will be evaluated for coverage based on the demand survey.

Service Available Now (Frye Island)

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