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Learn more about fiber internet technology and reliability.

Light travels further more reliably so everyone gets high speed service, while copper (DSL or Cable) is limited by distance and has problems every time it rains or power fluctuates.


Sebago Fiber provides high speed, reliable, low latency internet enabling VOIP phone and streaming TV services from multiple providers.


Big companies advertise bandwidth/speed, but to work from home (online meetings) you need consistent low latency. Sebago Fiber will offer speeds from 100 MBps to 2 Gigs, with latency of less than 30ms, while Cable and DSL range from 30-130ms with high jitter. View our network standards here.

All of this means that fiber performs better and more consistently than either cable or DSL service.

Why Fiber?

When will Sebago Fiber service be available in my community?

We currently serve 100% of Frye Island, Maine. 

Sign up NOW for service during the grant period in Sebago & the other MCA grant eligible areas. Click here to learn more.

We are in the "demand survey" phase for Naples, Raymond, Casco, Hiram, and Baldwin. Towns and specific streets with the most demand will be built first, so fill out the survey to tell us where you need service!

What if the power goes out or fluctuates?

We put battery and solar/generator backup on all our centralized equipment so we stay up even with the power does not. We have redundant connections to multiple carriers to ensure connectivity in the event of unexpected failure.

On the mainland, we recommend a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) device which provides you with several hours of power to your internet equipment so you can make any emergency arrangements in the event of an outage. (UPS devices are required on Frye Island and can be purchased from Sebago Fiber).

How do I get support?

Email us at Email is the best and fastest way to get help when you need it. Email is routed to all support agents for fast response. Our support staff are real, local people who typically respond in minutes. Our team members are from Baldwin, Raymond and Frye Island, and we will continue to hire and train team members living in your community.

I am currently unable to get internet service at my home. Can I get Sebago Fiber?

We will provide universal coverage to all locations in Sebago that have service by utility lines. This will include areas of Baldwin and Hiram that are connected to utility lines from Sebago. View the coverage map here.

We will update specific coverage areas as service is available. Our goal is to provide coverage to as many homes and businesses as possible through partnerships with municipalities.

Does Sebago Fiber bundle TV or phone services?

Using Sebago Fiber internet services allows you to choose any voice over IP (VOIP) phone service and access any streaming services you wish. Learn more about TV Services here.

We don't bundle services - the price you see is the price you pay.

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