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Sebago Fiber extends Phase 2 to reach 94% of Frye Island

Based on continued sign-ups we are extending Phase 2 to reach 94% of the island, adding all of Highpoint Road, Timber Road and Paddock Lane to our construction plan for June(shown in Blue). We also have pulled pole permits(shown in purple) for Sunset, the remainder of Paddock Lane and Hemlock. Purple roads remain 1-2 sign-ups away from being included. 4% of the island that remains Beach View Road(North), Lancaster Loop area, Leap View and Twin View Circles have pole replacements that will have to wait until the fall of 2022.

If you are in one of the newly extended areas, or had been holding off deciding, now is the time to sign-up! You still have a narrow window to sign-up for service in June. We will take sign-ups on a first come first serve basis and will start a waiting list when we run out of installation slots and equipment.

GREEN. Phase 1 Construction Complete

Blue Phase 2 Construction underway completion in June

PURPLE Phase 2 Extensions - Construction possible with 1-3 more sign-ups

RED Future construction requiring pole replacements in Fall 2022

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