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Sebago Fiber Completes Fall Construction on Frye Island

On Friday November 12th, Sebago Fiber & Wifi LLC completed our planned fall construction work on Frye Island, ME. Sebago Fiber built 1.8 miles of a new Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network delivering reliable high speed internet on Frye Island to customers in Phase 1A (North end of the island). Before this, the only service available on Frye Island was DSL over copper or satellite internet.

Less than one year ago, Sebago Fiber was formed as a new private company and received a pole attachment license from Maine Public Utility Commission. Sebago Fiber took a unique approach by building out service in phases based on customer sign-ups completed during spring of 2021. The Phase 1 buildout area to be completed by Spring 2022 covers 65% of the island.

We have completed fall construction ahead of schedule, with Phase 1A customers already receiving service. Phase 1B has completed utility pole make ready and strand construction. Phase 1C has a clear path for construction in the spring, with CMP and Consolidated make ready 95% complete.

Sebago Fiber plans to complete Phase 1 aerial construction by island opening in Spring 2022 with the continued cooperation of the Town of Frye Island and good Maine weather this spring.

Sebago Fiber contrators from MCP Communications lash Corning FlexNap cable to new aerial strand.

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