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Frye Island Phase 2 Announced for June

Phase 2 is already underway extending Sebago Fiber to 85% of the island in June. Phase 2 will complete the buildout of our core network and allow us to easily add side roads to reach 100% of the island. Sign-ups are open now through June 1st if you want super fast Fiber internet and ability to stream HDTV service this summer!

Phase 2 areas show on the map in BLUE (North Beach, Middle Beach, South Beach, Shady Hill Ln, Hillside Dr, Independence, Acorn Cir, Birch Cir, Chestnut Cir, Deer Cir, Elm Cir and portion of Highpoint as shown) will complete construction and deliver service in June. Home owners who already signed up with their deposits will be prioritized first.

Each Phase 2 Extension block shown in pink, is a self contained area, that we can add when we receive an additional 1-3 sign-ups in that area. Some of the extension areas, such as Timber Rd and Lancaster Loop we may attempt to add to Phase 2 in June, if the sign-ups come in the next week, and our make-ready partners can complete work.

We want to avoid major construction work in July and August, so depending on the timing of sign-ups extension areas in PINK may not be buildable until Fall 2022 or Spring 2023. If your home is in a pink area, please sign-up as one home can make a difference in delivering service in the next few weeks.

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