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Sebago Fiber Receives State Grant to Bring Reliable Internet to Town of Sebago

Read the Press Release Below.

The Grant Area includes all of Sebago and portions of N. Baldwind, Hiram, Naples, & Bridgton

State grant to extend high-speed

internet access to entire town of Sebago

The $3.2 million grant positions the

Lakes Region for internet upgrades

PORTLAND, March 14, 2024 —The Board of the Maine Connectivity Authority on Tuesday awarded Sebago Fiber $3.2 million to expand broadband internet in the town of Sebago and parts of Hiram, Naples, Bridgton, and Baldwin, bringing high-quality internet to 1,690 homes and businesses.

Clara McCool, Regional Broadband Program Manager at the Greater Portland Council of Governments, said the grant, matched by a $1.3 million private and municipal investment, may help other towns in the region gain access to broadband.

"This grant award is a beneficial first step for the entire Sebago Lakes region," McCool said.

Brandie Shydo, Director of Community Engagement for Sebago Fiber, praised the community broadband planning efforts of the Town of Sebago and the Greater Portland Council of Governments.

"Thanks to the partnership with Maine Connectivity Authority, Sebago Fiber can make our capital investments go even further to connect more unserved and underserved residents, providing fast, reliable service with local support," Shydo said. Sebago Fiber plans to continue investing in the Sebago Lake Region by expanding our fiber network to neighboring towns and hiring team members in our communities."

The investment will provide access to broadband service to 1690 homes in total, including 492 with slow and unreliable internet service or that currently lack internet access. The Maine Connectivity Authority’s Partnership Enabling Middle Mile (PEMM) Grant crosses town boundaries to make sure unserved homes in the bordering towns of Baldwin, Hiram, Bridgton and Naples are included.

Residents and business owners who wish to sign up for the newly available service should visit for more information.

The grant is part of the Maine Connectivity Authority state-wide initiative to invest $23 million to address large-scale, regional broadband needs that maximize private and community financial contributions.

"Ensuring a quality internet connection for every person and business in Maine will require a broad range of solutions," said Andrew Butcher, president of the Maine Connectivity Authority. "The strong partnership between Sebago Fiber and the communities it will serve illustrates how creativity and cooperation between the public and private sectors are essential to Maine meeting our ambitious connectivity goals."

Jerry Holt, co-chair of the Town of Sebago Broadband Committee, said the investment means all town residents can now access high-speed internet service.

"After many years of hard work, the Town of Sebago has been recognized for its efforts to plan for state-of-the-art broadband infrastructure," Holt said. “As we move forward, the broadband committee will focus on breaking down individual barriers to internet access, including physical, economic, and age-related barriers."

Sebago Fiber is a privately owned internet service provider that was founded in 2020 and currently serves Frye Island. The company is evaluating further expansion to Naples, Casco, Raymond, and Standish.

The Town of Sebago is part of a larger regional effort to bring high-speed, reliable internet to the Sebago Lakes region.

Since 2021, the towns of Casco, Naples, Raymond, Sebago, and Standish have been working on a coordinated broadband planning and development process. A steering committee of town managers, select board members, and residents from each of the five towns continues to meet biweekly and work together to identify a broadband solution for their communities.

The Greater Portland Council of Governments supports this effort by providing project management and technical assistance. The agency is acting as a fiscal sponsor for community outreach and planning grant funding for these efforts.

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