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Sebago Fiber Phase 1 Frye Island Construction Begins

Sebago Fiber begins construction on October 18th. By island close we will have 1.8 miles of fiber installed and service available to signed up customers on the north end of the island.

Central Maine Power (CMP) is starting pole replacement work in October. The north end of the island is proceeding through Make Ready quickly with only two poles to replace, while the west and east sides of the island have over 20 poles to replace. Sebago Fiber’s contractors, Tilson Technology Management will be performing make ready work and aerial construction following behind CMP this fall and will continue with installing 4.46 miles of fiber in the spring. The project remains on track to have 6.3 miles of fiber completed in Spring 2022, which will make service available to 65% of the island.

During construction we will provide schedule referring to customer location as:

  • Phase 1A- Island Ferry Landing to Middle Beach Road along Leisure Lane.

  • Phase 1B - West Side, Leisure Lane from Middle Beach south to the end.

  • Phase 1C- East side, Playground Lane and Ridge Road south to Emerald Point.

All customers requesting fiber internet, please sign-up by October 12th. After October 12th, due to high customer demand and material lead time we will not be able to guarantee service for 2022 season, and customers may be placed on a wait-list. We are seeing a 7 month lead time for fiber and electronics. After October 12th, we no longer will be offering install fee of $499, and as of now based on our construction quotes we know install fee will be at-least $999 or higher per home.

Any customers outside of Phase 1 areas, please let us know your interest by signing up with no deposit. We are still monitoring additional sign-ups and studying plans to reach the rest of the island. With enough interest we will add an additional Phase 2 to the planned construction in the spring.

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