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Community Outreach

At Sebago Fiber, we build each new area in phases, based on demand in that area. We break down the data on a street-by-street basis. That's why its important to share the demand survey with your neighbors.

Here are some tools and ideas for how to reach your neighbors.


Social Media

Share the survey from the Sebago Fiber Facebook page on your personal page and in any community Facebook pages you're a member of.

If you prefer to write your own post, click below to download some images you can use.



Email your neighbors, or ask your road association, HOA, or other community group to send an email.

Click below to download a flyer and suggested content.

portland mdu web.jpg

Hand Out Flyers

Print the attached flyers and hand them out in your neighborhood. If you would like us to send you printed flyers, get in touch and let us know! 

maine fd web.jpg

Municipal & Commercial Fiber

Connect town buildings and accelerate community internet access with municipal fiber networks.

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